Monday, December 14, 2009

Another pair of S2860

Faye asked what I meant about "scooping out" the back crotch curve. The key is the angle about the scoop. It's the only change I hadn't tried before and look at the incredible fit I got. I tried it on a pair I made previously and it made an incredible difference.

Yesterday I started another of slacks using S2860. I finished them up today and although I got the same great fit as the last pair, I don't like them as much. I needed a pair of solid black slacks and didn't have enough of anything in my stash. I picked up some polyester crepe from JoAnn's and quite frankly, I'm not in love with them. The fabric reminds me of plastic! I might post a picture tomorrow. In the meantime, I trimmed S2700. I found some kind of cotton blend in my stash that I plan on using. I compared the crotch curve to 2860 and altered it accordingly. Hopefully I'll get a chance to cut the fabric tomorrow and maybe started sewing Wednesday after work.



  1. I will be giving that "scoop" a shot. This is such a wonderful learning process! I know what you mean about the feel of the fabric. The first pair I made feels like wood even though I prewashed it. Man o Man!

  2. The more I look at those drawings, the more I think the angle of the scoop makes total sense. The waist length can be preserved or even lengthened slightly (if needed) and the angle presents a better opportunity for the center back seam to follow the contours of the rear. What a great observation, Rachelle! I'm going to give this scoop a try, too.

  3. I've checked all of the sewing book including the Singer Sewing Reference Library and Pants for Real People and there is nothing like what I'm suggesting in them. For years I continued to try to lower the crotch curve in ways that never worked. When I had my "aha" moment a few days ago I was tickled pink! I can't wait to see if it works for somebody else.