Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Charity begins at home

My charity pajamas are all cut out and sewn with Grandma's Kenmore. Boy, I love that machine! It makes one, straight stitch. And I thnk about Grandma teaching my aunts and my mother to use the machine. They were living in the projects and the sewing machine has a pride of place in the living room. Its wooden case was always kept dusted and polished. And they always used to keep a doily on the top of the machine.

It's been a few years since I sewed with that 1952 Kenmore, I put WD40 in the holes and it works great. According to Mom, it's never been in the shop. I think I'd like to keep it out and to use it more often.

In consultation with my buddy Terry, the orange trousers will be taken apart completely and rebasted before being used as a pattern. If all fits well, the pieces will be dyed black and then resewn. Terry pointed out that it is a shame to waste such beautiful fabric,

As for the charity sewing, I got another call that they need more pajamas.

2 teenage girls, both size 5 - Family 14

Total pants completed: 3


  1. Have you thought about the changes needed on the orange pair to improve the fit on the front? It seems like more width is needed, but I'm not sure where. I've concentrated so much on fitting bodices, fit issues with pants are new to me.

  2. Since I have inch seam allowances, I will start by opening the side seams and pinning them back together while on me (draping). If necessary, I will make a side seam insert, but I don't think it will go that far.