Monday, December 21, 2009

Creases solution

Getting back to the brown trousers...yes, the creases bothered me. So I thought about them, wore the pants, looked, pulled, pinched, and - aha! There is too much fabric there! Oh, my derriere is rather flat, let's admit and face it.

See? Already looking better.

Well, it's not perfect since I pinned myself, but at least now I know what to do to alter the paper pattern. There are two great tutorials for flat seat adjustment here (Ann Rowley) and here (Debbie Cook) for removing excess fabric from the back legs.




  1. I think the new adjustment looks good! does it still allow you the range of motion that you need?

  2. Oh, yes! The leg is not so tight fitted, although it may seem so.As you can see on the left leg the fabric really looks as if it was too tight around the thigh, but it is actualy just hanging.
    I made the alteration on the paper pattern and cut the jeans fabric. I'm curious to see the result!