Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The first muslin

Hello! Here I am finally!
I just couldn't decide which pattern to use. I found a few nice classic patterns and a few nice jeans ones. But the pattern I chose in the end is somewhere in between - casual elegance. Why not?

I couldn't find a pic online. It's the flared pants pattern from Burda Easy fashion F/S 2009 , model F.
It was a great day when I realized flared pants are the best for my body type. I don't usually make pants so I hope to make a great pair with this pattern and fabric.

A cotton-wool blend from stash. The darker side is the wrong side but I like it better. And it looks marvelous with my new flowery tops!

I made the muslin, tried it on and...boohoo - it was too small. Fortunately, I added 2 cm at the sides, just in case. After unpicking the seams and sewing again at 1 cm everything looked much better.

This means I have to trace the pattern again in a bigger size.

I don't plan to sew the muslin again. It looks good enough to me like this. What do you think? Should I be brave and cut the good fabric? :-)




  1. Hi Barbara!

    I love Burda Easy. I have only one copy from a few years ago. I wish they still printed them in English.

    I think the back and the sides look really good. The front has some diagonal wrinkles pointing to the crotch. As I am new to fitting pants, I don't know what these wrinkles mean. Maybe someone else has some ideas. I'm going to consult a couple of books and see if I can find any information. Great start!

  2. Hi Lynnelle!
    Yes yes, I agree the front needs some adjustments. It pulls because the muslin was made a size too small in the first place. A bigger size should solve the problem. Which also means I have to make another muslin. :-)

  3. I agree with Lynnelle, also I think its worth the effort to make another muslin to correct the wrinkles in the front. Otherwise the muslin looks great!