Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fixing the TNT

I decided to get to work on fixing the TNT pants. You saw how unpleasant they looked before. Various pairs of the same pants looked better but still an alteration to the pattern was needed before any new pants were cut out.

So I've been working with McCalls 5537 and trying to refine the fit. I disassembled a pair of the TNT pants that had been damaged by a bike chain some years ago.

The Palmer/Pletsch instructions have been very helpful and I have also used the Zapp Method as well as the the Singer sewing book.

My TNT seemed to bring about a few changes in the McCalls pattern. I used the 26 and made the flat booty adjustment. There were already lines provided for this. The darts on the front were not necessary and my crotch depth was different.

Following all of these instructions, the first version that I cut out looks pretty good! I need to see if there's anything to be done about a couple wrinkles in the back, but basically I think the situation is good. And if I don't figure what to do about the wrinkles, they are so insignificant that they are not to be worried about. My theory is that this could be caused by the fact that my back crotch length was a good deal shorter than theirs. I cut for their length but seamed for mine. Opening up the seam and changing this will be my next try on how to fix those wrinkles.

Didn't bring my camera to Mom and Dad's house but will try to get a pic posted when I get one.

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  1. Try taking a smaller seam allowance on the inseam. In the first picture, the wrinkles seem to point to the inner thigh which could mean that fabric is getting caught up there, borrowing from the back, and thus creating the wrinkles.

    If that doesn't work, return to the original seamline and try pulling up the center back. Maybe the back crotch length is too long.