Saturday, December 5, 2009

Got my shears going!

I have gotten involved with some charity pajamas for this season, through the Farmington Youth Assistance. They're just pajama bottoms, easy to make and then to sew assembly style. For these pajamas, I always use drawstring waists to make it easier for people to individualize the fit.

Here's the plan: I believe that these are store sizes, so I will translate to sewing pattern sizes.

Junior size 12/14 petite Family 1 purple flowered fabric (cut out)

16 large, Average Family 1 Brown and light brown fabric (cut out)

2 extra large 16-18 Family 2 (cut out and waistbands fused)

Cleared off my cutting table and got cracking! But now it turns out that my sewing machine is on the blink. Took it to the shop and will use Grandma's 1952 Kenmore for the straight portions of these items. I'll be straight stitch only until Wednesday, cause I don't want to bring my 1995 Kenmore back from work where I am letting the Sewing Club use it.

Pants completed: 3

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