Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I just read in a post that the Month of Pants has been extended another month. IS THIS TRUE?, IF SO...GOOD!, because I'm actually behind with my second pair. I must have missed the post extending the sew-a-long. I worked on then a little last night - should have just gone to bed instead. My waistband is slightly twisted???, and I accidentally cut the length off a little too short. I started removing the waistband last night, and I think the length thing is salvageable if I do a false hem using hem tape. Moral of the story, don't try to sew when you are tired! I am going to work on the waistband just a little tonight to straighten it out or replace it entirely. I'll get them finished before the week is over.

Smoking Needles is on to something with her information on pants crouch adjustments to fit bottoms that are curvy.


  1. You didn't miss anything, Faye. =) I discussed with Melody the possibility of extending the sew along for another month due to the holidays. I was going to send an email to everyone to ask their thoughts.

  2. Faye could you just wear them with flats? My dress slacks can only be worn with heels because that's all I wear.