Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Almost Ready

We're halfway through the month and you guys are smoking! I'm glad this sewalong has been extended to two months. I am going to start on the Hotpatterns Marrakesh Pants as soon as I finish making some warm hoodies for myself. I also just bought the Simplicity amazing fit pants pattern and I think that is next in the rotation. As I was studying the pattern, I came to the same realization as KMQ, I have to make the back flat, flat, flat as all my junk is under the hood (so to speak). My issue is that my waist is either equal to or bigger than my hips and that may get on my nerves. According to the Body Shape Bible, I'm a goblet.


  1. Melody in your case you are going to have to make your front crotch shorter. Seems weird but try it anyway.

  2. No that makes total sense. I've got my rulers and trace paper ready.