Monday, December 14, 2009

Introduction - Fabric for Pants Cutout


I just got accepted into the Month of Pants. I saw this on Faye's blog and knew I wanted in, too! For December, I have managed two shirts and one dress, so I'm ready to jump into pants making. I actually went on a small fabric shopping spree earlier this month and purchased enough material for 7 or more pairs! lol. Now is the time to make them. Last night I cut out my size for the Kwik Sew 3315 along with the fabric (stretch courderoy). This is my first time using a Kwik Sew pattern even though I have 2 older patterns of theirs in my stash already. Tonight - I sew!


  1. I like that Kwik Sew pattern, might have to get that one.

  2. Welcome, Susan! I have this pattern and can't wait to see your version.

  3. Thanks! I completed the front pockets with lining and coin pocket. Tonight - the REST! lol