Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's Sew Some Pants!

Last month, Faye ( made an amazing fourteen (14!) tops as part of her Month of Tops Sew-a-Long (check out the tops she made as well as the dedicated blog.) I was so impressed and inspired by this remarkable sewing feat, that I asked if she would like to start a Month of Pants Sew-a-Long.

The rules are simple:

Just sew some pants! You can use patterns, self-draft, or re-fashion a pair you already have. Fly-fronts, side zipped, elastic waists, wool, linen, cotton, poolyester spandex...the possibilities are endless. It's your call. Two legs and a crotch curve are all that's required. =)

Join us!



  1. This sounds fun! I won't be home from the Boston area until the 9th then I'll be packing up the wall-0-fabric for the drive up here. I wonder how many pants one can make in a month? I say at least 7?

  2. 7 is definitely an ambitious goal! We'll see.