Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lots of Progress this Weekend

Kwik Sew 3384: I am almost done with this first pair of pants. I just need to attach the yoke and finish the hem.

Yet another pair of Vogue 8157: This pattern was my TNT pants pattern, but I recently realized that the fit needed work. I cut the 2" back crotch wedge down to 1" and lengthened the crotch point by 1", tapering to nothing just above the knee. I also added about 1/2" to the front crotch point, again tapering to nothing at the knee. I cut out the fashion fabric, and inserted the zipper.

Simplicity 4695: I made up the muslin this weekend as well. Here are a couple of pictures:

Some thoughts...
  • The front fly area needs to be shortened about an inch. The pants are supposed to be worn 1.5" below the waist. For me, this means the fly is too long and creates an unsightly pouch.
  • The back crotch length is a bit too short. When I sit, the pants pull down at the back. Melody suggested that I widen the yoke.
  • The back has some wrinkles pointing to the inseam. I think I need about 1/2" in that area.
  • The line drawing shows three buttons just below the knee, ending in a split to the hem. Melody and I both agreed that the shorter split is not a good look. What do you all think about the longer split? No split?
I sewed a gently modified16. Several months ago, I made the alterations to this pattern by matching the front and back crotch curves of V8157 to this pattern. It appears as if I lengthened the back curve by about 1/2" and raised the front crotch point about 1 1/4". Now realizing that the fit of the Vogue pants isn't great, I wonder how the changes I made have affected the fit here. What do you think?

McCall's 3935: I have pictures of the muslin. There were many, many alterations to this one, boy.

  • I shortened the overall length six inches. Honestly, who were these pants designed for, Shaquille O'Neal? I know I'm short and all, but damn!
  • I shortened the front fly area 3/4" and the front crotch curve 1/2". I added 1/2" to the front crotch point, tapering to nothing at the knee to accommodate full inner thighs.
  • I lengthened the back crotch curve 1" and added 1" to the back crotch point, again tapering to nothing at the knee.
  • I removed 1/2" of width from waist to hem from the back so that the leg fullness isn't too overwhelming. I made the same alteration on the back waistband piece. Should I do the same on the front?
Whew! School is almost out for break. Hopefully, I can get at least these four pairs finished before the end of the month.


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  1. Lynn don't add anymore to the front crotch point. Try changin the shape of the crotch curve instead.