Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MOP No1 - Brown trousers

Finished! But, ahem, the muslin looked better. Must be the different fabric. This one is a bit stretchy, unlike the muslin, and it pulls in every direction.

Something going on with the crotch? What to do with that? Any ideas?

This fabric has a different (heavier) fall.

We shall see how the fabric behaves after some wearing. Right now I'm pleased and happy with them. Soo comfortable!

I think they look quite good, don't they?

I have a dark blue denim with no stretch to cut next. Should I use this pattern again to see the difference? Because I like it. A lot...! :-))




  1. It looks like you might want to extend the front crotch point on your next pair and the wrinkles in the back suggest you may need a little more room in the hip and high hip area. Of course if you are happy with how they look...don't change anything.

  2. Thanks KMQ! Do you think I should add some width only to the back piece of the pattern? Because the muslin showed only creases in the back.

  3. These pants looks really nice. Better than RTW for sure. With the small tweaks KMQ mentioned, you'll be at Haute Couture status. lol. Can't wait for the next pair!

  4. Wao, your pants are superb. What a fantastic job. Please I am in for the month of pant. Great job