Thursday, December 31, 2009

MOT #1

My first pair of pant for the MOP sew along...I used Kwiksew 3625.

Please check my blog for the complete review of the pattern. The pant is a good fit except for the tightness around the hips and the thigh. I will adjust the fit on my next pair and see how it goes .

Here are some pictures...

If you look at the thigh very well , you can see what am talking about...Frustrating

More room here for sure....

You all have a wonderful holiday, and wish you all the best in the New year.....


  1. I tried this pattern a couple of months ago and had mediocre success. The legs were too full for someone my height and I started with a medium, too. I havne't abandoned the pattern, but I will have to do something about the leg fullness.

    I think your pants are nicely constructed and fit you well. Adding some to the side seams can help ease the tightness at the hips.

  2. Thanks Lynn, that's exactly what am doing with the next pair, the pant fits so well and I love the I will have to add more around the hips.

  3. Your pant is nicely fitted. By adding some to the side seams at high hip to knee, you can release the pulling/tightness at the hip and thighs.

    Your pant look nice! Thanks for sharing. I will join your sew along later. I need a break from pants right now. Need to make something different.

  4. I think the fit looks nice as is and very minor tweaks would put these over the top perfect! Great job.

  5. I need a break from pants right now. Need to make something different.

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