Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Just how many times did I try on these pants in the construction process! I wish I had actually kept count.

Originally I committed to three pair of pants for the Month of Pants Sewalong. This my third pair. In my last post I wrote about the trials of picking loose all of the stitched and serged seams. Talk about thread everywhere! I even laid down a big beach towel to catch thread and afterward took it outside and shook it off. I think that work paid off though as you can see here in my third pair. Much, much better than pairs one and two thanks to Gwen. I have minimal wrinkling on the right side. I guess I must have marked the waistband area a little crooked on that side - thus the wrinkles there. I cut into my buttonhole at the waistband (dang), but all and all I don't think they are bad at all. Glad I finally get to say that! I have ALMOST reached total satisfaction! On my next pair I think I'll wait until I have help caulking the waist seam and I know the next pair will be even better. Having this good of result lets me know the technique really works. Sometimes even when I know the answer to fixing a problem I still can't figure out in my head exactly how it's going to work. It's always so nice when it actually works.

Wrinkling on the legs should disappear wearing real shoes

I haven't had cuffed pants in eons so I decided to add them to this pair for variety. Since the sewalong has been extended through January I plan on making 3 more pair that will, like this pair, have matching jackets eventually.


  1. picking out the stitches looks like it was worth the effort. Those are some nice pants!

  2. Those look like they fit really nice and I like the fabric you chose. I know how frustrating it is to pick apart stitches, especially when serged - I'm glad you hung in there to complete your third pair of pants for the sew-a-long. Here's to your next three!

  3. I think you're there, Faye. I really do. Following your progress has inspired me to tackle my pants fit issues. School is over, so I have no excuse!