Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pants Muslin

ANYTIME I venture into experimenting with a new pant pattern I have to make a muslin. I guess gone is the day when I can just look at a pattern's size and say "yes, this will work". That being said, I continue my search of the pant pattern that requires very few alterations. Since I have joined the new Month of Pants sew-a-long I've decided to give this slightly vintage Simplicity pattern a try. What constitutes Vintage anyway? I think I like this pattern because it has so few pieces (6 total), opposed to the last pants pattern I used that had almost 5 pieces just for the pockets. For me that just was not practical. I need as few pieces as possible, minimal alterations and a great fit. Is that too much to ask for???

I cut the pattern straight out of the envelope with only one change - increased the back seam allowance 1". I got that idea from using Simplicity 2700. I used a 5/8" seam when sewing it, so I guess that means that I added 1" to the back seam - right (There goes that math again!); baby's got back you know! This pattern was printed in 1978, and although it's multi-sized (included 3 sizes) there was no change or difference in the crouch curve printed on the pattern. I thought this was strange, but if it works - great.

I went ahead and put the zipper in this muslin and even pressed it after getting it together to get a better idea of how the pants would look.

I do hate trying to take pictures of myself, but hopefully they will help me determine if this pattern is a go or not by allowing me to look at different views of the fit. The pictures are awful but here goes.

All in all I think the fit is pretty good. I'm going to try it on again and sit around in it for a while to get more of a feel for them. I might take them in just a tad in the side and back seams. What do you think???????????? Yes or No? I will be pulling that David Coffin Pants book off the shelf for this.

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  1. I think the fit indeed looks great! To have only made one alteration out of the envelope and the pants look like this? I think these look really good. To reduce some of the fullness, increasing the seam allowance to 3/4" might work. Otherwise, I think this is a winner. =)