Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Plan (sort of)

While working on fitting McCall's 3935, I started thinking ahead to the next pattern I wanted to sew, McCall's 5475. I figured that if I could get 3935 to fit reasonably well, then I can fit 5475 easily by comparing the two patterns and adjusting from there. So, then I started thinking that perhaps I can approach other patterns in the same way. I'll go through the motions of fitting one pants pattern from each company and if I want to make other patterns from the same company, I can adjust for fit using the first one I made. I guess this is kind of like creating a pseudo-sloper. This is going to be a LOT of work. But, in the end I hope that I'll end up with good fitting pants from each pattern company.

Here are some other patterns I would like to try:
  • Simplicity 2700, 3686, & 4965
  • Vogue 8157 (these were TNT, but fit could use some work) & 2812
  • Kwik Sew 2960 & 3625 (I tried this a couple of months ago; the legs were too full)
  • Butterick 4861
We'll see how this works. So far, I think I've made considerable progress on M3935. How that translates to fitting M5475 is another story. Pictures coming soon!



  1. Lynn think twice about Simplicity 3686. I made them last night and the legs are absolutely volumnous. Since you are somewhat height challenged :-} it might not be a good look for you. I hope to post pictures later today so that you can see for yourself.

  2. Heh, I'm actually rethinking my plan. =) I'll be very fortunate if I get three good fitting pants in a month.

    If I can get the crotch curve right on 3686, I think I can remove some of the excess volume. I look forward to seeing your review.