Monday, December 7, 2009


MY MONTH OF PANTS GOAL: I want a "GO TO TNT PANTS PATTERN". Just pull the pattern out of the envelope, lay it out on the fabric, cut, sew and wear - because you know they are going to fit.

I was torn as to whether grade this pattern down a size and make an entirely new muslin; OR do as Lynelle suggest and just take the existing muslin in 3/4" in all seams. I opted to do the latter. The pants fit/feel so much better after doing so. Not too loose, too tight.

(Yes, I'm talking on the phone. Everytime I try to fit something the phone always rings.)

I took David Coffin's pants book to read at break today. There is so much valuable construction information in his book especially on front fly zippers and pockets. I even learned a new techniques for sewing on belt loops that I think I'll use on my MOT pants. I am such a visual person and I am so glad the book came with a DVD.

Now I need to decide on the fabric to use for my first project for the Month of Pants, because I'm cutting them out tonight.


  1. The muslin looks great! I think you have your TNT. =)

  2. I agree. The muslin looks really good