Sunday, December 6, 2009

T n Not So T

I tried on a pair of my TNT lined slacks today, to prepare to make a new pair. The butt and waist are fine, but the stomach is tight and the upper thighs are also tight. I heard that fat moves around and that this is why one has to measure each year. I could wear these pants, but there's no point in making pants that are already too tight.

I see that I left more than one inch seam allowances on the TNT, so I'll see how I feel about them when they've been widened a little in the problem location.

This pair is orange, super gabardine,

and I really loved them. They were damaged by Lufthansa's leaving a suitcase in the rain and then letting it mold for a week - drycleaning could not get the stains out. Lufthansa reimbursed me for the damaged fabric for these pants and whatever else got damaged, but they did not reimburse me for the labor. Self-drafted pattern, too. I have a few other pairs which, again, I have been wearing, but are a little tight in the tummy. Probably all need to be let out a little.

Also, I starched and pressed the teal silk charmeuse. I didn't used to starch charmeuse before cutting, but someone on PR suggested it, and it really does make the laying out and cutting easier.

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