Sunday, January 31, 2010

Burda 1/2006-108

Woohoo! I made it! Today is the last day of the month and I finished the wearable muslin I intended to.
No seam was serged to make it quicker.
I used half of a duvet cover to make the pants.

It is obvious I should have made the flat bottom alteration. Now I know I need to do that right away. Should I add the back pockets?
I like the pattern and think I'm going to wear these pants a lot when it gets warmer.

I am so glad I took this challenge! I learned things and achieved a certain degreee of perfection in pants making (to be improved some more). The major breakthrough was realizing what form flatters my shape, and also how to resolve the wrinkles in the back.
Thank you for the oportunity to be here and your suggestions and support!




  1. These are great -- when you said you made these out of an old duvet cover, I wasn't expecting them to be a saucy yellow color. As for pockets, I wouldn't add the side pockets but maybe would put patch pockets on the back. Or welt pockets if you do it in a woven again. What fabric will you use for the final pair?

  2. OH wow! I love the color of those... Yes I think some back pockets are totally called for. I'll vote for patch pockets.

  3. Yes, will add patch pockets. Those from the pattern, I guess.
    And the fabric, well, I didn't think about that. Perhaps I should use the other side of the duvet cover, which is brown, and sew these pants properly, with the adjustments.

  4. the pants feel comfortable,and I love that color