Sunday, January 24, 2010

S2860: Version 1

I finished the first pair of Simplicity 2860. My thoughts? Meh. I cut and sewed a straight 16 curvy. The legs were way too full and I had a lot of bunching at the front crotch. In the end, I ended up removing the fullness by taking larger seam allowances on both the in and out seams. Here is the result:

I think they're wearable, but I still need to do more work. The fabric is a nicely weighted wool blend. I think the weight of the fabric helps to hide the flaws in fitting.

Currently, I am working on another pair of pants from this pattern. This time, I am using a stretch suiting and will not use such large seam allowances.



  1. Very close. Use muslin for the next try so that the pattern flaws are move obvious.

  2. Wool is so wonderful that way, what Sherril said, if you really want to see your flaws use cotton. Wearable, but will you wear them? I have a lot of those garments hanging in the back of the closet.... Is it wrong giving Goodwill pants with no zippers or buttons?