Thursday, January 7, 2010

S2860 - Work in Progress

Hello! My plans for sewing up a storm during the week I was off for the holidays were unfortunately not realized. I did get two major things done though.
--First - I made a muslin for Simplicity 2860. It fit pretty well right out of the envelope!

--Second - I spent a priceless day getting fitting help from Sherrill Miller Spending time with someone who really knows what they're doing was eye-opening. I still have so much to learn, but in just a few hours I learned stuff that would have taken me so much longer to figure out. For one thing, Aminat had suggested that I add a wedge to my pants back pattern to accommodate all my extra "good stuff". I couldn't quite visualize how this would affect the fit until Sherrill actually slashed the pants while they were on me and I saw the wedge come to life! A light bulb moment for sure!

I didn't have the foresight to take a photo of the muslin on me before it was slashed, so no pic of that, sorry. We determined that I need about 7/8 in. added to the center back crotch via the wedge, and I will also be adding 1/2 to the top of both the front and back so it sits a little higher.

I have altered my pattern and plan to make a pair of shorts first. I will also be using Sandra Betzina's method for the fly front zipper. I tried using the steps in the pattern instructions and ended up with this on my muslin. Even though I wasn't being too careful because it is a muslin, the results and (confusing to me) steps are not acceptable.

So I created a sample using my fashion fabric and Sandra Betzina's instructions and ended up with this. Much better.I hope to finish these shorts this weekend. Then on to a pair of pants and hopefully some trouser jeans after that.


  1. I'm working on that pattern too. I would really like to collaborate with you on fitting. I made the adjustments, but didn't sew a muslin. I went right to the fabric (gasp!). What size did you use?

    I agree with you on the zipper technique. It's ridiculous! Instead of cutting the fly separately, I taped the fly piece onto the front and cut the two as one. I hope to get to do some sewing today. Work resumed yesterday and I was asleep at 9pm!

  2. Hi Lynnelle,
    I'm using the largest size - 22 because the measurements were closest to my waist and hip measurements.
    Like you, I also taped the fly piece to the front and cut as one (still trying to understand why Simplicity wants it done as two separate pieces??). I can't wait to see your version - you're so brave to go straight to the fabric!